Monday, February 26, 2007

Old Age: Teh Suxx0r

Man it sucks getting old.

Teh Wind Knot has just gotten back from a bidness trip that included four countries on three continents over the last week and a half. Your hero is exhausted and he has to jump on a plane to visit our nation's capital for a couple of days this afternoon. Ten years ago, that would be nothing. I used to have to go for a week or so at a time and never sleep in a bed--just airplanes. A quick shower and I was good to go. Not any more.

Same thing for fishing. I used to be hardcore, like The Wet Boots, willing to fish hard 24/7, if necessary. Eight straight days of stripping streamers fifteen hours a day in Chile was nothing. Just wrap some duct tape around the cuts on the fingers and keep getting it. Now I pace myself. I used to laugh at the old farts sitting on the bank waiting for a hatch to arrive. Why sit when you can fish? Even if nothing is happening, I can still try to dredge something up with a nymph or a streamer. I used to be able to swing the mouse until three or four in the morning then grab a few winks and be up in time for a trico hatch. Now I usually have to choose which way to go because I know it is unlikely that I will be able to get out of bed at dawn if I just got in an hour or two ago.

I like to think that I have picked up a little wisdom and cunning to make up for the lost energy, but I am probably just rationalizing. Oh well, at least you get to take in some of the scenery sitting on a log waiting for a hatch. I am more balanced now. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

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Double Haul said...

i'm sure i'll be there when i'm your age Teh.