Monday, February 5, 2007

NZ blogger Bish on Fish posts this interesting and disturbing anecdote on the lengths some folks will go for the hero shot.

Years ago, Teh Wind Knot and his buddies were duck hunting and saw and dimed out a deer hunter who did something very illegal. While sitting through 'fish court' waiting to testify, there was a guy who was being prosecuted for shooting a deer at night and out of season. The way he got caught was that the game warden happened by a local taxidermist's shop and noticed a fresh deer that had been brought in for mounting. Can you imagine? Taking a deer out of season and having it put on your wall to show off to your kids?

Sadly, it seems that fly fishers are not above inflating their egos in a similar manner. TWK is not above holding a fish for maximum photographic effect, but check out the post above for something that goes way beyond that.

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