Monday, March 5, 2007

Fly Fishing for the Terminally Lazy

A buddy sent me a link to The Digital Fishing Guide where for $44.95 you can download a bunch of gps coordinates for fishing spots.

Teh Windknot is agnostic on the posting of rivers and such on teh internets. It is rare that something that is truly a secret is ever posted and, even if someone was going to post the exact location of the sweet little blue line with all the brook trouts, most folks are too damn lazy to hike up there anyway. Still, it is always fun to troll a fly fishing message board by either posting locations or asking for them.

The Digital Fishing Guide goes one better. For a modest fee, they give you the exact location. All you do is plug it in to your GPS and get ready to take the hero shot. You can get directions to such little known ditches as The Gunnison, The Frying Pan and The White River. Who wouldn't pony up for that?

Some of my favorite gems from their top drawer copywriters:

This package will include the White River below Bull Shoals Dam and the Norfork River below Norfork Dam. These waters have produced some truly large fish. There is even a spot in this package where the one time world record Brown trout came from. This fish weighed 38 pounds.

Not so fast folks, that fish isn't there any more.

 I managed to get waypoints for the Rogue, Muskegon, Pere Marquette, Coldwater River, Manistee and the Au Sable Rivers. And packages for these rivers will be coming very soon.

Oooh. Gotta get that. Not like you can't find them on the free maps you get at the Welcome Station, but in a limited one time offer, Teh Windknot will tell you, for free, how to get to these hidden streams. I-75 N to Grayling. For the Au Sable, take a right and look for river access signs every mile or so. For the others take a left and look at the signs on the bridges you cross.

And my personal favorite:

If we don’t have the river you want to fish available, please let us know so that we can get the information for you.

So, if you have a favorite stream, but you are too dumb to remember where it is or, you simply just want to share it with everyone, let them know and you can pay $50 bucks to get back there. Hey, it is more reliable than bread crumbs.

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eric said...

Further proof, not only of the adage that "a fool and his money are soon parted", but also that, so long as there remain fools with money, someone will always come up with a new way to get them to part with it.