Thursday, March 8, 2007

Back The Brookie II

The Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture yesterday released its Brook Trout Conservation Strategy. The EBTJV is a partnership between state and federal agencies, academia and conservation organizations that aims to protect and restore habitat throughout the range of the Eastern brook trout.

This is the first pilot project under the National Fish Habitat Action Plan to get folks all over the country working together to protect habitat. This can work, as it was modeled after the North American Waterfowl Management plan, which was quite successful in helping the ducks and geese.

While the EBTJV is now a huge hydra of folks and organizations working to help the brook trout, it started as a grass roots organization. Way back when, some folks from the NC and TN Trout Unlimited councils got together to see how they could work together to protect and restore the Southern Appalachian brook trout. This effort was called "Back the Brookie" and the other states with brook trout in the SE were soon added. Even though it has been nationalized, it is nice to see it grow into something that may have a much bigger impact than even the original folks could have dreamed.

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