Friday, January 26, 2007

A Good Read

Teh Wind Knot is not really a true crime guy and I am sure many of you don't read anything not by Gierach, but here is a pretty good one:
Darker than Night, by Tom Henderson

Think Deliverance meets Fargo. A couple of guys go hunting in Mio, MI and are never heard from again. About 20 years later, the authorities prosecute some local good ol' boys for killing them and feeding them to the hogs. Anyone who runs up to Michigan to fish the Au Sable and Manistee as much as Teh Wind Knot will like this book. It features many of the famed local watering holes where one often kills some time with a PBR while waiting until it is time to chase the Hex or swing Mr. Mousie for some of the nicer residents of the region. It sure made Teh Wind Knot think twice about making fun of the folks at karaoke night at Ma Deeter's in the future. Probably won't stop him, but may give him pause.

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