Monday, January 29, 2007

Fly Fishing Shows

It is cold, the fishing is slow, football is on hype-hiatus for another week, college hoops hasn't really heated up yet and NBA is teh suckage, as always. But at least it is time for Fly Fishing shows!

Teh Wind Knot has correspondents at all the big FF shows, but it isn't really necessary. They are all the same. Every year. The famous personalities are the same. Lefty, Joe, the ever perky Becks. All have n00bs chasing them around like fanboys and will fight to the death if you even infer that ol' Lefty isn't the nicest guy ever to walk this earth.

Then there are the lodges. The latest in total luxury on some big famous stream where you don't even have to get out of bed since the fish will come to you. And the outfitters, blah blah blah.

But Teh Wind Knot's favorite are teh guides. Now, TWK is not a guide basher at all and has even been known to pay for it (but only to break out of a slump) himself. One thing you should remember about guide quality is that the good ones are already booked. They are not pimping themselves at fly shows because they are booked all season with repeat customers. You may get a trip with them if someone cancels at an off time of year, but forget the big whatsit hatch. Some rich dude has him booked all week for that. Guides at the fly shows are either teh suckage or just starting out and it is too soon to tell.

You would be well advised to stick to worshipping ol' Joe and Lefty, casting the latest wands you won't buy and perhaps picking up a good deal on some stuff the shop guys don't want to tote back on Sunday. You wouldn't buy a used car from a guy with a big "instant credit; come and get it" banner across the yard. You shouldn't book a guide from a FF show. Hell, you are better off skipping it completely.


Anonymous said...

Youre a dick

Teh Wind Knot said...

If you are going to be like that, I may not drop my email address into your fishbowl at the Charlotte show. That will show you--you will be forced to come here and use the comment feature to spam your fishin' reports.