Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And Now A Word From Donny's Sponsor

TWK was doing some follow up investigation into the various members of the hated Spring Ridge Club (see Outing Teh River Nappers) and decided to check out their site to see what was up. I was displeased to find that most of the good stuff has now been moved to password protected members only area, since Donny's stuff was the best source for anti-SRC information around.

What really interested me was that Donny had gotten a new sponsor, in addition to the much overexposed Gary and Cathy Beck (Lefty seems to be laying low these days). The new sponsor? Frontiers International, the high end outdoors travel outfitter.

At first I was confused. Why would the same folks who will whisk you away for a luxurious tiger fish expedition, sponsor some third-rate, pay to play, trout chow operation? Then I understood the marketing genius behind this move. By supporting Donny and his ilk, Frontier obviously hopes that soon there will be no place to fish in the United States without paying an obscene membership fee and having a guide chum with a little Purina before you cast. When this happens, we will be forced to sign up for Frontiers' services just to wet a line.


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